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Looking for an urban commuting lid that doesn’t leave you with a sweaty hair helmet when you get to the office or the café? You just found the coolest one … no, really.

The ALLSTON (named after the Boston borough where the cool kids hang out) delivers the ultimate balance of comfort, style, and protection. And making it wasn’t easy. Bern wanted to maintain its signature low-profile look while adding 16 thirsty vents to keep things breezy on hotter days. So, Bern did what they always do and didn’t settle for modifying an existing design.

The Allston was built from the ground up with premium ZipMold+ construction that gave it amazing strength with minimal material. Speaking of venting … It took 4 attempts and countless expletive-laced meetings, but their killer engineering team got it there. It was worth it. It sits low, breathes easy, and gently hugs your head with a moisture control liner. Want to stay out there without sweating your ride? This is the one for you.


The Quick Mount Asteroid Light is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.


Full-featured, premium, 360° fit system to dial into the perfect secure fit.


  • Weight: 356 Grams
  • Safety Standards
    • CPSC
    • EN1078
  • Construction: Zipmold+
  • Fit System: Boa
  • Vents: 16