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Want a killer road bike helmet but not planning to enter “Le Tour” anytime soon? Strap on the FL-1 (Feather Light One) Libre—the high-performance road lid built to deliver more casual bikers insane value without bilking you out of all your hard-earned dough.

Inspired by the original leather lids worn by OG Tour riders in the early 1900s, this “road” bike helmet delivers max ventilation and safety without looking like you have a space pod on your melon. Bern crew spent three years building up its big bro—the FL-1 Pave—and decided we wanted anyone to be able to afford one. Soooo we put this little baby on a diet but refused to sacrifice the style, comfort, and performance that we expect out of all our lids. The result is a super-light road lid that delivers ridiculous ventilation and zero buyer regret. Stay out there with the lid that delivers all the FL-1 performance at an amazing flipping deal. You’re welcome!


The Quick Mount Asteroid Light is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.


Lightweight dial fit system for a fine-tuned adjustment.


  • Weight 248 Grams
  • Safety Standards
    • CPSC
    • EN1078
  • Construction In-Mold
  • Fit System Crank Fit II
  • Vents 18