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Not pumped about hammering down city streets with a glorified styrofoam cooler on your melon? Still, rocking that heavy “retro” bowling ball-style lid? You don’t need to settle for either of them. Our award-winning Hudson MIPS delivers Bern low-profile styling in a lid that meets the new NTA 8776 safety standard that requires up to 25% more protection.

HUDSON is rated up to 27mph meaning you’re safer even if you are hella strong or throwing a leg over an e-bike, scooter, or any other juiced-up ride. That’s right, more protection, less bulk and it includes extra visibility with a snap (literally) using our integrated click mount light. Call it micro-mobility & electro commuting Stay out there (even with lunatic drivers) with the helmet that keeps you looking good and feeling safe.


Find your perfect fit with our compass fit system. Simply twist the dial to adjust to your custom fit, keeping your head snug and secure. Due to its lightweight, this system will feel as if the helmet were custom made for your comfort.


Bern’s custom-integrated LED light is lightweight and easy to use. This light brings ~6.6 lumens, is micro-USB rechargeable, lasts up to 10 hours, has water resistance, and has three light settings (steady, flash, and pulse). Simply click in place and ride on. (Click mount light included with Hudson model and sold separately for the Watts 2.0)


Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. Designed to protect against rotational violence to the brain caused by rotational impacts.


Use these U-lock compatible reinforced vents at the back of the helmet to keep your helmet secure when it’s not on your head.


  • Weight 350 Grams
  • Safety Standards
    • CPSC
    • EN1078
    • NTA8776
  • Construction In-Mold
  • Fit System Compass Fit
  • Vents 13
  • Light Features:
    • 6 Lumens
    • Micro USB Rechargeable
    • 3 Light Modes (Steady, Flash, & Pulse)
    • Lasts Up To 10 Hours
    • Water Resistant


Whether speeding through your commute, or enjoying a breezy weekend, the Hudson is certified to keep you safe. With the added protection of the new NTA 8776 safety standard, the Hudson provides 25% more impact absorption compared to previous bike standards. It is also rated for use up to 27 mph with use on electronic pedal assist bikes or scooters, making it ideal for micromobility use. Complete with Mips Brain Protection System, reinforced vents, and an integrated LED light, the Hudson is designed to let you Stay Out There.

  • CPSC

    The United States safety standard for adult and kid helmets. This makes sure the helmet is stable, strong, reduces impact force, and doesn’t obstruct vision.

  • MIPS

    Rotational motion (like how you fall) can cause brain injuries. The yellow low friction layer allows the helmet to slide 10-15 mm in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impact.

  • EN 1078

    This is a European safety standard for adult and kid cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating. These tests simulate all types of weather to make sure helmets reduce impact force, are comfortable, and won’t impair hearing or vision.

  • NTA 8776

    Evolved from the 1078 standard to certify helmet safety for higher impact speeds and increased head coverage specifically for 2 wheel vehicles with auxiliary pedal assist. Safe up to 45 km/h.

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We keep you safe and secure throughout your whole journey, even when you’re not riding. Use these U-lock compatible reinforced vents at the back of the helmet to keep your helmet secure even when it’s not on your head.


The Hudson comes with an integrated LED light because safety should not be compromised by convenience. Simply click in place and ride on.

+Steady, Flash, & Pulse, ~6.6 Lumens Micro USB Rechargeable
+Lasts up to 10 hours
+Water Resistant


The Hudson is meticulously designed to keep you comfortable. In addition to being highly ventilated, and its easily adjustable Compass Fit system, this helmet comes with our removable, patented flip visor. Protect your eyes, wear it for style, flip it out of the way, or remove it all together.