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NIÑO 2.0

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Got a little grom that always makes good choices and loves wearing a helmet!? No … no you don’t. And neither do we! That’s why we built the upgraded NINO 2.0—the kid's lid that’s a lot lighter and more ventilated than our original NINO. This low-profile helmet delivers all the style, comfort, and protection featured in our adult models … without requiring you to dip into that college fund you’ve been meaning to set up, right? That’s right mom and pop…a youth bike helmet they’ll actually want to wear because it doesn’t look or feel like a 10-lb. bowling ball on their precious little domes.

Engineered with lightweight, high-impact-absorbing ZipMold+ technology and designed for a quick and easy fit. this mini-lid helps them avoid head injuries and you avoid headaches. Help your little shredder stay out of harm’s way and stay out there doing what they love.


Pick the model that best fits your style and customize your helmet with our range of seasonal upgrades.


The Quick Mount Asteroid Light is a micro-USB rechargeable bike light. It is easily fastened to the two-hole mount located on the rear of the helmet’s shell.


Like its name this system is EASY! A no-fuss elastic system auto-adjusts to the perfect fit everytime, just put it on and ride!


  • Weight 305.5 Grams
  • Safety Standards
    • CPSC
    • EN1078
  • Construction Zipmold+
  • Fit System EZ Fit
  • Vents 13


We revamped the style and shape of the original Niño/Niña to bring you a new and improved fan-favorite. Now, the Niño 2.0 includes ez-fit system for the perfect fit. Kids will be excited to wear their helmet with the all-new patterns and colors.

  • CPSC

    The United States safety standard for adult and kid helmets. This makes sure the helmet is stable, strong, reduces impact force, and doesn’t obstruct vision.

  • EN 1078

    This is a European safety standard for adult and kid cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating. These tests simulate all types of weather to make sure helmets reduce impact force, are comfortable, and won’t impair hearing or vision.

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The Niño 2.0 brings our newest features for enhanced comfort. It’s no fuss EZ-fit system allows the helmet to easily adjust to growing heads with elastic. The Niño 2.0 also includes 13 vents with increased airflow, an improved lightweight structure, lay flat adjustable straps, and compression molded pads.


Let’s be real; a helmet only helps protect kids if they actually wear it. With the Niño 2.0’s updated style, modern colors and all-new patterns designed specifically for kids so they will choose to wear their helmet. And, like the original, it comes with Bern’s patented, removable flip visor for custom style and sun protection.