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So, you’re kinda a mountain biker who was BMX raised and you dabble at the skate parks. You spend winters on the planks unless you feel like borrowing a buddy’s board for a rip? We get it and we love it. And the Bern team doesn’t think you should need a closet full of crappy helmets for each sport. That’s why we invented the Watts—a lid that many said couldn’t be made better, but we figured let’s try.

The result is the Watts 2.0—the ultimate all-season quiver killer that’s 20% lighter than the original, but still ready for any adventure. We added more airflow, put it on a diet, and dialed it in with a compass fit system that makes it easy to get a custom fit in seconds. This brimmed behemoth delivers insane balance, durability, and lightweight performance for any outdoor pursuit. And it comes at a value that helps you spend more time doing what you love and less on helmet tech. Simply swap out a summer or winter liner (keep them in the glovey … trust us) and stay out there doing all the sports you love in any season.


Pick the model that best fits your style and customize your helmet with our range of seasonal upgrades. 


Find your perfect fit with our compass fit system. Simply twist the dial to adjust to your custom fit, keeping your head snug and secure. Due to its lightweight, this system will feel as if the helmet were custom made for your comfort. 


Bern’s custom-integrated LED light is lightweight and easy to use. This light brings ~6.6 lumens, is micro-USB rechargeable, lasts up to 10 hours, has water resistance, and has three light settings (steady, flash, and pulse). Simply click in place and ride on. (Click mount light included with Hudson model and sold separately for the Watts 2.0)


  • Weight 350 Grams
  • Safety Standards
    • CPSC
    • EN1077B
    • EN1078
  • Construction DSI
  • Fit System Compass Fit
  • Vents 11


Style shouldn’t be compromised by safety, so we innovated on our legacy helmet, the Watts, and brought it into 2021. Combining our newest technology with our iconic brim-style, the Watts 2.0 boasts an updated look while improving on overall weight, comfort and safety features. Certified for both summer and snowsport use, the Watts 2.0 is designed to Stay Out There all year long.

  • CPSC

    The United States safety standard for adult and kid helmets. This makes sure the helmet is stable, strong, reduces impact force, and doesn’t obstruct vision.

  • EN 1078

    This is a European safety standard for adult and kid cycling, skateboarding, and roller skating. These tests simulate all types of weather to make sure helmets reduce impact force, are comfortable, and won’t impair hearing or vision.

  • EN 1077B

    This is a European safety standard for adult and kid helmets made for skiing and snowboarding. This is similar to 1078 but differs from in how its tested to ensure you’re still safe even if you do a little accidental back country route...

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The Watts 2.0 was developed to provide a cooler and more comfortable ride. We improved the EPS (inner foam) structure to utilize less material, and added 11 vents, for improved air flow throughout the helmet.


The Watts 2.0 updates our iconic style with it’s contrast panel made out of a light and durable dual shell integration. Just like the Hudson, the back vent is compatible with our Click-Mount Light. Easily click-in this integrated, waterproof LED with three flash settings, ~6.6 Lumens, is micro USB rechargeable, and lasts up to 10 hours.