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Note: Actual color of the product may slightly vary from the color in this photo. And please understand that the color of the visor may vary due to availability.

The BERN WATTS H2O MEN'S HELMET is a certified watersports helmet designed specifically for water use. Constructed almost identically to a HardHat that utilizes an AVS shell lined with soft moisture wicking Brock Foam the difference is how it is lined with neoprene to help protect the helmet from becoming waterlogged.

This helmet is designed for multiple lower impacts and great for wakeboarding at the cable park or kayaking.


  • Watersports helmet
  • Brock foam lining for breathability, comfort and water release
  • 7 vent helmet
  • Built-in a peak for protection against spray and sunlight
  • Great for kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakeskating and kiteboarding
  • Unique eyewear channel for additional comfort when wearing glasses
  • This helmet has a sink fit design meaning that it will sit lower around your neck
  • 3 point adjustable strap
  • CE certified